About the Journal

The scopes of Journal of Production Systems and Manufacturing Science covers different aspects of industrial engineering and of manufacturing science which are, but not limited to, adaptive manufacturing, additive manufacturing, agile manufacturing, artificial intelligence in manufacturing, automation of manufacturing, big data analytics in manufacturing, bio-inspired manufacturing, CAD/CAM/CAE, casting, chemical and thermal processes for manufacturing, cleaner production, cloud-based manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing, coolants and lubricants for manufacturing, cutting tools, cyber-physical production systems, design for manufacturing, digital manufacturing, eco-friendly and green manufacturing, economic issues in manufacturing, energy in manufacturing, evolutionary computation in manufacturing, extrusion, flexible manufacturing systems, forging, grinding and abrasive processes, human-machine interaction systems in manufacturing, human-Robot collaborative manufacturing, industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, laser assisted manufacturing, lean manufacturing, life cycle assessment, machine learning in manufacturing, machine tools, machining, maintenance, repair, diagnosis, and prognosis in manufacturing, management and policy for manufacturing, manufacturing planning, material handling and logistics, materials joining, measurement and control in manufacturing, mechatronics for manufacturing, meso/micro/nano-fabrication, metrology in manufacturing, micro electro mechanical systems, modeling of manufacturing processes, simulation and optimization in manufacturing, numerical methods in manufacturing, planning and scheduling production systems, polymer processing technologies, powder processing technologies, precision manufacturing, production portfolio management, quality control in manufacturing, robotics for manufacturing, sheet metal forming, smart manufacturing, smart sensors, real-time data monitoring, supply chain management, surface integrity in manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, tribology and wear in manufacturing, unconventional machining, and virtual manufacturing 

Journal of Production Systems and Manufacturing Science is aimed to publish articles reporting novel concepts for manufacturing system improvement, complex problem solving with direct link to industries, mechanics of manufacturing processes, design and development of new processes, machines, equipment and tools, phenomenological discovery using advanced characterizations, novels modeling and simulation with accurate experimental validations

​Journal of Production Systems and Manufacturing Science will most likely not consider articles on materials synthesis, characterization and models without direct relation with manufacturing, or simulation and modeling works without experimental validation​ and/or real system data.